Welcome to Perfect Fit,  a custom, digital couture fashion marketplace, featuring fashion designers from around the world. Expand your brand by opening your own digital fashion shop, or place custom orders that are tailored to your body.

Why Open a Shop?

We are providing the platform to promote your business, however you put in the hard work to create amazing products.Perfect Fit believe’s that you deserve more from each sale, it’s as simple as that.

It’s a multi-screen world, your brand and products have to be accessible to your clients, no matter what their shopping preferences are. Sell with us, on your own site, and beyond. Let us be another gateway for your customers to see and buy your work.

Quality brands, deserve quality pricing. Only you know the value of your creativity and passion, therefore, it is entirely up to you on how to manage your product prices.

Time is money, we know trends are short lived and need to get in front of them before they are gone, so we have eliminated product screening approval. Now you can create new products that go live instantly and update them whenever you like.

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